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Pilestone GM-2 Colour Blind Glasses Strong/Extreme

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Simply take the Colour Blind Test in the images for Red/Green deficiencies which is the most common type of colour blindness that affects 8% of the male population and 1% of woman. 

Pilestone GM-2 Colour Blind Glasses. Strength: Strong/Extreme.


Correcting for red/green colour blindness, our GM-2 glasses are ideal for those with strong to extreme colour blindness. With a striking red tint to the lens, these glasses work wonders in brighter outdoor settings as they enhance your eye’s ability to perceive vivid shades of both greens and reds. Now, you can experience the vast variety of beautiful red and green shades nature has to offer.


Pilestone have have taken advanced technology and worked with the leading industry experts to develop much improved results for the entire colour blind community.


All of our glasses are specifically designed for brighter conditions, however they do work indoors if the room is well lit, they also work perfect for viewing TV and computers.


Our GM-2 model are built for those with strong to severe colour blindness in mind, if you suffer with strong/extreme colour blindness these glasses will work best for you. However if you are Mild/Medium please see out TP-020 Model. And if your colour blindness is Medium/Strong then please see our TP-012, TP-018, TP-021, TP-024 models.