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Pilestone TP-017 Sport Edition UV 400 Colour Blind Glasses - Medium/Strong

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Simply take the Colour Blind Test in the images for Red/Green deficiencies which is the most common type of colour blindness that affects 8% of the male population and 1% of woman.  
Pilestone TP-017 Sport Edition UV 400 Colour Blind Glasses. Strength: Medium/Strong.

If you’re in search of red/green colour correcting glasses for medium/strong colour blindness that will also perform great for sports and other outdoor activities, look no further! Our titanium coated and anti-UV TP-017 glasses offer a sleek and athletic fit that sits perfectly in place during a range of outdoor activities. So, whether you’re running, cycling, or throwing a ball around, you’ll love how comfortable and reliable our TP-017 model is. Even if you’re not actively moving, you’ll be awed by the new range of vibrant reds and greens around you, be they in foliage, signs, or a vibrant sunset.
Pilestone have have taken advanced technology and worked with the leading industry experts to develop much improved results for the entire colour blind community.
Our outdoor glasses are specifically designed for brighter conditions, however they do work indoors if the room is well lit, they also work perfect for viewing TV and computers.
Our TP-017 model will have the best results for Medium/Strong colour blind effected people. For Mild/Medium please see our TP-020 model and for Strong/Extreme please see our GM-2 model. Or for more Medium/Strong designs check out these models TP-012, TP-018, TP-021, TP-024 models.