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Pilestone TP-020 UV Protection Colour Blind Glasses - Mild/Medium

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Simply take the Colour Blind Test in the images for Red/Green deficiencies which is the most common type of colour blindness that affects 8% of the male population and 1% of woman.  
Pilestone TP-020 UV Protection Colour Blind Glasses. Strength: Mild/Medium.


Stylish and modern, our TP-020 glasses have a 'mirror-like' coating that offer superior protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. Are suitable for wearing indoors however best results will be obtained in bright outdoor environments. Correcting for reds, greens, yellows and blues colour blindness. These stylish blue tinted lenses that utilize sophisticated double coating technology, these glasses make admiring the vibrant colors of the outdoors a wonderful reality. An absolute must for taking in nature’s beauty, soaking up the sun, or simply going out for some fresh air, you’ll be amazed at how colours look and ultimately how beautifully vibrant the outdoors truly are!


Pilestone have have taken advanced technology and worked with the leading industry experts to develop much improved results for the entire colour blind community.


Our desirable TP-020 model are built using superior double coating technology that allows users to experience colour in lower lighting conditions, typically indoors and of the brighter environments of the outdoors!


Our TP-020 Model works best for Mild/Medium colour blind effected people. For our slightly stronger models (Medium/Strong) please see our TP-012, TP-018, TP-021, TP-024 models. And if you suffer with severe colour blindness please see our GM-2 model.