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Pilestone TP-021 Colour Blind Glasses - Medium/Strong (Indoor)

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Simply take the Colour Blind Test in the images for Red/Green deficiencies which is the most common type of colour blindness that affects 8% of the male population and 1% of woman. 
Pilestone TP-021 Colour Blind Glasses. Strength: Medium/Strong. For indoor use.


Stylish and modern in design, our new TP-021 model glasses are ideal for indoor wear. Correcting for red and/or green colour blindness with a slight tint to the lenses, these glasses will bring colors to life while you’re watching television, browsing on a laptop, or simply bouncing from app to app on your mobile phone. In fact, these glasses are designed to work best in any lower light conditions… so feel free to rock them during any and all indoor activities.


Pilestone have have taken advanced technology and worked with the leading industry experts to develop much improved results for the entire colour blind community.


Our indoor glasses are designed more specifically for lower light conditions such as viewing your mobile, laptops and watching television etc.


Our TP-021 model work best for Medium to Strong colour blind effected people. For Mild/Medium please see our TP-020 Model or for Strong/Extreme please see our GM-2 Model. For more Medium/Strong models please view our TP-012's, TP-017's, TP-018's and our TP-024  Model.