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W7 Lift & Sculpt Contour Kit

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Lift and sculpt those gorgeous features of yours.

W7’s cream contour kit features 6 creamy shades for an easy, hassle free way to lift those cheekbones and sculpt that jawline.


1 – Apply your usual moisturise and foundation as a base.

2 – Choose a light shade from the palette that best matches your skin tone. Apply this shade to the centre of your forehead, nose, under the eyes, chin and below the cheekbones.

3 – Use a slightly darker shade to apply below the hairline, along the jawline and on the two sides of your nose.

4 – Choose another darker shade (slightly darker than the one used in Step 3) and apply this underneath both of your cheekbones.

5 – Finally, apply the highlighting cream on the bridge of your nose, on your cupids bow, on both brow bones, and on the top of your cheekbones.

The creamy formula’s can be used with a sponge, blender or brush. Blend everything in using circular motions for smooth and even results.